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Rules of Play

The basketball game is divided into four-quarters (10-minute) matches (in international matches) or 12 minutes (in NBA games), and in college matches the game is divided into two halves) For every half-20 minutes, while most high school matches are divided into four quarters of a quarter of eight minutes. Fifteen minutes are allowed to rest in the middle of the game, while two minutes rest are allowed after each quarter of the remaining quarters. Each Overtime period, calculated after the original time of the match, lasts for five minutes. The two teams exchange their baskets with the start of the second half of the game. The time to play is the actual playing time; the hour of the game is stopped when the game stops. Therefore, basketball matches generally take much longer than their allotted time and usually last for about two hours.

Each team on the field consists of five players at a time (out of a total of twelve players registered in each list). The substitutions are not restricted to a certain number of players but can be made only when the game is off. Each coach team will oversee the development of the players’ performance, strategies, and plans, as well as other team members such as assistant coach, team manager, statistician, doctor, and fitness trainer.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams wear a single uniform of shorts and jersey printed on both the front and the back, a clear and unmatched figure for every player or player in the team. The players wear high-top sports shoes that provide extra support and endurance for the ankle. The names of the teams, the names of the players and even the names of the sponsors, in competitions outside North America, are often printed on players’ clothing.

A limited number of times are allowed, which is to ask the coaches to stop the clock and then stop playing for a short time with their players to discuss play plans. In general, the duration of the time spent shall not exceed one minute only, unless an advertisement break is required for televised games.