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Traditional basketball has eight parts designs

Basic basketball tools only include basketball and a playground. The stadium is flat and rectangular, with a hanging basket at each end. However, when playing this game at the level of contests and contests, more tools such as watches, scoring cards (the goals scored), injury restriction boards (ballots), rotation turnovers, Whistle.

The 28-foot-15-meter (92 x 49-foot) and 94 x 50-foot (29 x 15 meters) basketball court space in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Most basketball courts are made of wood. There is also a steel basket hanging from the net. This basket is mounted on the rear end plate and hangs on both sides of the court. At almost all levels of contests, the height of the upper edge (the metal frame of the loop from which the grid relates) is from the surface of the pitch 10 feet (3.05 meters) and 4 feet (1.2 meters) from the baseline. Although the difference is possible in dimensions Pitch and rear goal plate, it is important that the height of the basket is correct and in accordance with the regulations because the height of the edge of the basket a little more than the legal height of the specified may adversely affect the payment process.

There is also a rule on the size of the basketball. If the match is for women, then the authorized basketball size is 28.5 inches (the ball is a class 6) and weighs 20 ounces. For men, the circumference of the licensed basketball size is 29.5 Inch (ball size class 7) and weighs 22 ounces.