5 Best NCAA Basketball Announcers of All Time

5 Best NCAA Basketball Announcers of All Time - 5 Best NCAA Basketball Announcers of All Time


NCAA Basketball Tournament would not be as fun and exciting without the added wit and smart analysis of the announcers and commentators.

Below are some of the best NCAA College Basketball announcers of all time. Let’s see if your favorite is on this list.

  1. Bill Raftery

If there is one announcer that has the passion, energy and knowledge of the game – it would be Bill Raftery.

He popularized catchphrases and signature sayings such as “a little kiss”, “man-a-man” and “Onions!”. Raferty is not only good because of his one-liners; he also acquires a deep knowledge of the sports that he seems to know everyone and everything in the game.

He brings so much positivity in the game, genuinely rooting for every shot to go in. He can be a critic too, but it is in a way that won’t show anybody up.

  1. Dick Vitale

It is evident that Vitale has so much joy and passion when it comes to basketball. He manages to make every game he called into the biggest event of the day.

“PTPer” and “diaper dandy” are some of his catchphrases that has become the fabric of the game. He has recently used social media such as Twitter to give his two-cents on not just about college basketball but anything in sports in general.

  1. Al McGuire

He has a successful coaching career under his belt, with 404 wins including the 1977 national title game as he led Marquette to its first and only championship.

McGuire soon branched out into broadcasting, working for both CBS and NBC. He called the Final Four together with Dick Enberg and Billy Packer from the 1978 through the 1981 season.

He passed away in 2001 being revered as a great coach and broadcaster. Enberg even wrote a play about him titled Coach: The Untold Story of College Basketball Legend Al McGuire which made its debut in 2005.

  1. Jim Valvano

Valvano is known for his likable and vivacious personality.

He became an instant hit in ABC and ESPN with his natural skills in calling games on TV. On his first year on the job, he won the Cable Ace Award.

Though he passed away in late April 1993, his speech at the ESPYs remains one of the most replayed moments every year. He has also created a foundation to fight cancer.

Regardless of how short his career in broadcasting is, Valvano’s fantastic personality on television still made him one of the best broadcasters of all time.

  1. Dan Shulman

If there’s one thing that stands out about Shulman, it’s his ability to make his partners stronger during a telecast. He leads his analysts throughout the game, enhancing the in-game coverage by asking poignant questions and speaking to the larger storylines that involve not just the team but the landscape of the sports in general.

He even handles a three-man booth easily, a task any play-by-play announcer finds difficult. Shulman makes the game more interesting, whether it’s a close and late or the four-minute timeout in the first half of a blowout.


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