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Welcome to our website (Dial Global Sports). We hope that you have a great experience and a pleasant time with us.

About Dial Global Sports:

Dial Global Sports is considered to be the most famous and one of the fastest, most updated sports site in the US and the world.

Our services are based mainly on news coverage for all sports events in America and the world.

Our main coverage includes:

  • NFL
  • Broadcast Schedule
  • Game Highlights
  • GOLF

Our coverage also includes results, tables, statistics, pictures, information, follow-up competitions English, German, Italian, Spanish, and World Cup coverage

Dial Global Sports offers

Special and exclusive coverage of all international and local tournaments with video, photos, and infographics. Dial Global Sports is the largest American site to cover various sports news, American and international football, as well as other math news such as basketball and golf! We are the first to spread the news around the clock!

Our vision:

Deliver a Purposeful content and updated news to our audience from all over the world in order to spread the love of sport in every country in a professional way.