3 Characteristics of a Great Football Player

3 characteristics of a great football player 1 - 3 Characteristics of a Great Football Player

Have you always loved playing football and dreamt of becoming one of the most famous football players in the world?

Football is a game that does not only require your physical skills and strength but it also calls for your mental and emotional sharpness.

With many aspiring football players all over the world, only a few makes the cut.

What are the basic traits that every football player must have?

This article will show you what you need to possess to become a successful football player.

  1. Knowledge of the game

You should have a clear understanding of the positional play – how you perform your function as offensive or defensive on the field. You should also have an awareness of where you are on the field in relation to the position of your fellow teammates, the ball and the opposition.

You should also possess adaptability; football is a game where all players have the equal opportunity to be the playmaker. Because the scenarios on the field are constantly changing, you should be able to adjust and adapt well.

You should be able to maintain technical efficiency even under pressure. Despite the factors such as fatigue, bad weather and opposition that can cause a breakdown of your technique, you should still show composure under pressure.

  1. Mental ability

Though good physical skills are important, your mental aspect is as important in playing football. Every great player – such as David Beckham, Raul Gonzalez, and Ronaldo – has full confidence on themselves. You should believe in your own capacity.

Mental toughness is also another trait that you should possess. Football is not a game for the weak-hearted; there are many things that could happen in the game that may affect your concentration and confidence. No matter what situation may arise, you should endeavor to perform your best.

Whatever position you are holding – defender, goalkeeper, midfield player or forward – know that you have the ability to impact the game so it’s important that you are giving your best shot.

  1. Fitness

Fitness is another important component of a football player.

You should not only possess the ability to play for the entire duration of the game, but you should also be able to endure and recover your fitness while working in the game. Each football player runs up to 5-7 miles in a game (90 minutes). You should be able to develop stamina to last that long since it’s hard to make substitutions as the game gets harder.

Agility and balance are also important. You should have the agility or dynamic balance to control the movement of your body while moving with or without the ball and static balance to resist challenges.

Speed is another vital aspect in the game – especially the speed of thought. You should have a good perception of what’s going on in the game and a quick reaction towards it.

In addition, you must have strength to withstand any direct and indirect challenges in the game. Though size of a player matters to some position that he is playing, it is the tenacity of the player that wins the battle.


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