The 2018 Pro Bowl – A Fun Game despite the Torrential Rain

NFL Multi year - The 2018 Pro Bowl – A Fun Game despite the Torrential Rain

last updated 02/07/2018

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the football leagues that are being followed all over the world.

Westwood One, one of the leader in play-by-play sports broadcasts on the radio, has announced that their contract as the exclusive network radio partner of the NFL has been extended. These two have been partners since 1987.

Aside from NFL’s regular season primetime package, Westwood One will also broadcast NFL’s postseason games, including Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, the Super Bowl, the NFL Playoffs and the Pro Bowl.

The 2018 Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is an all-star game of the NFL. It is officially called as the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, with the top players from the American Football League against those in the National Football Conference.

Most major sports league hold their all-star games roughly midway through their regular season. The Pro Bowl, on the other hand, is played around the end of the NFL Season. It was usually held the weekend preceding the Super Bowl between 1970 and 2009 and was changed to the weekend before the Super Bowl since 2010.

The 2018 Pro Bowl returned to Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Sunday, January 28. This year’s clash between the NFC and AFC gave football fanatics an exciting and fun game that will be hard to forget. The game ended with AFC bagging victory with a score of 24 against NFC’s 23 points.

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Highlights of the Game

The weather during the game was absolutely miserable; the pouring rain made it very difficult for the players to catch the ball. Despite the weather, everyone had their share of fun.

Here are some moments to remember in the 2018 Pro Bowl:

  • The NFL’s touchdown celebration consultant for the Pro Bowl is no other than the great American actor and comedian Keegan – Michael Key. Watching him coach NFL players on their moves was hilarious and one of the highlights was when he was almost 3 inches from the face of Jalen Ramsey and he yelled “slower”.
  • As a general rule, no one gives their best during the NFL Pro Bowl. They don’t try very hard since they don’t want any injury that could hinder them from playing on the Super Bowl. No one tried very hard to tackle Harrison Smith on his 79-yard pick – 6. He intercepted Ben Roethlisberger fourth-down pass at the NFC 21-yard line and he managed to run virtually untouched into the end zone. Delanie Walker attempted to catch up to Smith and ran into his field of vision, but instead of tackling him he sort of fell over.
  • The torrential downpour saturated the field and made everything a bit more slippery. Tyreek Hill had the ball squirted from his fingertips and went flying towards his goal line. Then suddenly, Budda Baker scooped the ball from the turf and ran it back 21 yards into the end zone. Officials ruled the touch ball and the referees’ decision have stripped the NFC of four points.

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