The Lofton Files: Pretenders and Contenders

It’s never too early to wonder about your first-place team. As we embark on Week 10, we're just past the halfway point with a few teams yet to enjoy their bye weeks, and that means it’s time to...
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The Lofton Files: The Mid-season Loftys

Week 8 is in the books and that means it’s time to hand out the Mid-Season Loftys. If you're new to The Lofton Files, the Loftys are awards that go to players, teams or coaches that have gone above...
Lofton Files Loftys

The Lofton Files: Dumb Stuff

There used to be a time when football players were referred to as dumb jocks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many players are quite bright and football is more complicated now than ever...
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The Lofton Files: Broken Records

You know the old saying, “Records are made to be broken?” Sure, it's a great quote, but whoever said it didn’t have a record that was on the verge of being broken. Last year Adrian Peterson was...
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The Lofton Files: Who’s Driving?

In a quarterback-driven league, it’s always good to know who’s behind the wheel and whether they have their foot on the gas or the brakes. Here's a quick snapshot of ten guys with their hands at...
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The Lofton Files: At the Quarter Pole

Well boys and girls, we have reached the quarter pole of the NFL season. Four weeks in and we have that parity everyone seems so fond of - five undefeated teams and four teams still searching for...
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The Lofton Files: Top 10 Revisited

I've talked about how we always want instant results in this business and how sometimes a wait-and-see approach is the best course of action. But there is a limit to our patience, and there should...
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The Lofton Files: Seven Days of Perfection

Seven days of perfection. That’s why football is the best of the big three American sports, way ahead of baseball and basketball. I have nothing against hockey or soccer. If you’ve been paying...
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