Boxed Out: Bill Frieder on the Carrier Classic and Coach K


I can’t begin to tell you how honored I was to be on the USS Carl Vinson last weekend to broadcast North Carolina versus Michigan State in the Carrier Classic on Westwood One Sports. Just walking up the four flights of stairs to the flight deck was an experience. I guess I never realized the massiveness of an aircraft carrier.

What I also didn’t anticipate was the rush I would get walking out on the deck to the sounds of the Navy Band and listening to the tribute paid to the troops by President Obama. I’ve seen many flags lowered, but when they interrupted the game, with the sun setting on the bay and the troops at attention, the moment was very special.

I was not only in awe of all the day provided, but also extremely proud of the community pulling off such an amazing event. Coach Izzo said it best when he said, “I’m not only playing the top team in the country, but I’m involved with the top team in the world,” in reference to the U.S. Military.

And how about Tom Izzo? He starts the season in San Diego and then heads to Madison Square Garden to play Duke. Izzo has never been afraid to play the best and has developed an elite program as a result.

Speaking of Duke, congratulations to Coach K for making history. Does anyone remember that he started out 13-29 in the ACC in his first three years at Duke? Good thing the administration hung with the future Hall of Famer.

– Bill Frieder

Bill Frieder is an analyst for Westwood One’s coverage of NCAA Basketball. In his weekly blog Boxed Out, Bill scours the box scores to bring you interesting stories from the world of college basketball.


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